How much can you earn as a TravelTrippa Influencer?.

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What do we mean by 'Influencer'?

"Knowledge is Power" - Sharing that knowledge is even more powerful!

The travel industry is BIG! - Really BIG! - Millions of people travel everyday from city to city and around the world. They travel for both business and pleasure.
Some people are more experienced than others when it comes to trekking around the globe. - Unfortunately, when your in a foriegn part of the world, sometimes things can go wrong and thats where TravelTrippa comes in. We are building a global network of influencers to share the benefits of TravelTrippa using their existing following base. By sharing our brand, their followers can be more prepared on their next adventure.

Also, your area where you live is very farmiliar to you, but foreign to others visiting - you know the local scene. So use your knowledge to help others.

By becoming a TravelTrippa influencer we give you access to the entire travel industry including the best prices. We give you all the tools you need to tap into this huge industry and profit from it.

To be successful you just need to promote your travel portal links everywhere you can to anyone you can. Let our systems convert your website visitors into subscribers - giving you a customer list that you can retarget and remarket to - which creates a long term renewable income month after month.

  • 1#. Become a TravelTrippa Influencer
  • 2#. Promote your travel portals
  • 3#. Build a global travel buisness

Your own Travel Business - Stuff you need to know!

Using our A.I. technology - you can get max production - with minimal effort.

What are the main requirements to be a TravelTrippa Influencer?

  • ~ You need to be able to use a computer or mobile to access your travel portals.

  • ~ You need to be an 'influencer' even in a small way - the more you share and connect with people the better your business will be.

  • ~ You need to have active social networks where you can promote your travel business.

  • ~ You need to pay your monthly subscriptions for each of your travel sites if your on a paid plan.

  • ~ You need to register a domain for each of your travel portals through the TravelTrippa Domain Register.

  • ~ You need to have a good knowledge of travel within your local area such as tours and attractions.

  • ~ You need to dedicate some time each week to building your travel business.

What are the Costs to setup and Run your travel business?

It depends on how large you want to scale you business. The following is the basic setup cost for each travelsite.

  • ~ US$100 Per month fee for each single A.I. web portal. - For PAID PLANS ONLY.

  • ~ US$15 Registration for Top Level Domain name for each travel portal. - For PAID & FREE PLANS.

  • ~ You need to have small advertising budget if your serious about growing your business.- For PAID & FREE PLANS.

  • ~ You need to pay your monthly internet costs to have access to the internet to promote and manage your new travel business.- For PAID & FREE PLANS.

Why do we have to pay to be an influencer and sell your products?

This is not a "work from home - Side Hussle" like you see all over the internet. - TravelTrippa is a serious business oppourtunity. We provide the following services to you for a monthly fee.

  • ~ A fully operating Global Travel Site.

  • ~ A global brand name for credibility.

  • ~ Your own access to our support platform to help you manage your customers.

  • ~ TravelTrippa Support.

  • ~ We host your travel portals.

How long does it take to get setup after I register as a TravelTrippa Influencer?

Usually about 3 days - Depending on how long you take to provide us with the required information in a setup module which you will recieve directly after your registration is approved and paid. - The following is a guideline to the setup process for your new Global TravelPoral.

  • ~ You register as an influencer.

  • ~ You complete the setup requirements.

  • ~ You register a domain name.

  • ~ We create your new Travel Portal.

  • ~ We create your Members profile in our social rewards platform.

  • ~ We setup your new sub accounts with our providers for you so you can be paid commissions.

  • ~ We host your travel portals.

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